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meh meh

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hey, so I saw your response and read what you had to say. Just so you know, many many artists go through the same block at times. The thing I like to tell anyone who is frustrated with where they are is to practice. Sounds boring and cliche, but honestly, study artists, pick something specific, like anatomy, and practice. You wouldn't believe how much progress you can make if you spend even just an hour a day for a week practicing a certain skill. I'd start with value and shading, understanding how light works. Scott Robertson has two great books out, the first about learning how to draw. Composition is a great thing to study as well, and honestly a lot of this info is available on YouTube where people can show you. Gotta take baby steps when learning, you can't expect to be as good as the people you look up to overnight. The worst thing you can do is give up, right? And as far as drawing tablets go, I would recommend pencil and paper. It's so easy to worry about textures and colors and effects too early when you are using software. A good foundational drawing will always hold together better than effects. So going to pencil and paper to practice and then using one new thing you learned for the COTM I'm sure you'll see progress. I am very inspired by Anthony Jones, he talks a lot about learning art and motivation. He didn't start learning until he was in his twenties, and now he is extremely talented and teaches other artists. Again, look him also up on YouTube.
I know this wasn't directly about your piece, but I think practice is what you need, just like me and just like every other artist. Easiest way to think about it is like this... you wouldn't expect a person with basic science skills to work for NASA or solve sciences mysteries, so you can't expect beginner artists to create the same thing as someone who's been doing art for 20 years. Trust me, I wish I was there, but it just takes passion and practice and you'll get better.
You were mentioning that your ideas weren't coming to you either, and I think this piece actually has some interesting ideas. And reference is everywhere, even you can be your own reference if you can't find what you need. Don't be hard on yourself, cause it seems like you know what you need to work on. Instead of thinking of that as a bad thing, use it to help you focus your efforts into practicing those things. You mentioned that drawing from imagination creates fuzzy imagery, that's just because you aren't familiar enough with that thing to draw it acurately, so At that point I'd get reference. But that's where a lot of practice will help as well.
And if you want a starting point, follow Jazza's drawing tutorials. He doesn't draw extremely realistic, he simplifies anatomy very well and makes it easy to understand. Start there and practice one thing a week till you feel more comfortable.
I hope this helped at all, and if so and you need anything, just message me. I wanna help and pass on what I can since this art community seems to be so great at that stuff :).

Redeemer000 responds:

By the time you read this i cracked it... i level up and back on track

I try to keep my art original as possible avoiding references and any form of study... clearly it backfired to the point it stressed me out.
I try to maintain the original how first i imaginated in the first place... but as the drawing process moves along it constantly mutates and changes into either lower quality or something that does not work with the idea and gets either rushed or stuck in development hell... in cases gets cancelled.

For now i reverse engineering some artwork other peoples artwork for study purposes. Looks like il have to take a shortcut after all.

Since i got a job that i don't like but i have to, it eats a lot of time 11 hours a day 4 work days but i get 4 free day, so it adds a little bit of stress. I aim to become professional artist to brake out. Either way i have others plans that waits to be executed to become a youtuber or even game developer. that might take month or years to achieve

What a find What a find

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice lighting and textures!

The Grove Where She Sits The Grove Where She Sits

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Reminds me of Samurai Jack, which i love, so that's awesome!